About Us

Welcome to the great and powerful Oz.  Just like Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, and Scarecrow, we all go through life wondering if we have what it takes to do the things we dream of in life.

Dorothy knew there was no place like home, but did not know how to get there.  The Tin Woodsman used to be a real man.  He was in love with a munchkin girl until the Evil Witch of the East turned him into a tin man with no heart and no emotion.  And then there was the Cowardly Lion who roamed the forest in fear.  If only he could summon up the courage to be the king of the beasts.  Finally, the Scarecrow was tired of living his dull life in the fields, but felt he wasn’t smart enough to do anything different.

Through several series of events they all come to the strange conclusion that maybe they can find the solutions to their problems by taking a journey to find the all powerful Wizard of Oz.  They reach their destination only to realize the “Wiz” is a normal person with no extraordinary qualities that he can bestow on them to give them their wishes.

The silver lining–Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man already possessed everything they needed to reach the goals in life they desired.  They only needed a catalyst to get them started…an idea that would stir up enough emotion to take a shot at change. Let’s go see the Wiz.

****If your a speed reader and  looking for a reason to keep checking back in on this site***

I would like to start making more money than I ever deserve.  I would like to find more meaning in life.  I would like to start giving with no getting in return–just giving because I can.  I want to find others who want to join me and do the same thing!


Consider me the Wizard of Oz in training.  At some point, I hope to be a catalyst that sparks the desire for you to want more out of your life or seek your way out of unpleasant circumstances.  Right now…I’m just like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Tin Man all rolled in one.  I possess no superhuman qualities.  I am very average at best, yet I have big dreams.  And sometimes that is where achievement and greatness can be found.  Here is to new beginnings…starting over…or however you want to look at it!